What are Wedding Anniversary Flowers By Year?

Did you know there is a flower for every wedding anniversary? Learn about the different wedding anniversary flowers by year, from the first to the fifth.

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If you're unsure which flower to pick for your upcoming anniversary celebration. This list makes it incredibly simple to choose among flowers by breaking them down by year. Here is a list of gorgeous wedding anniversary flower bouquets that are sure to please.

Wedding Anniversary Flowers By Years Of Marriage-

1st Anniversary: Carnation

Starting with the very first year, which is unique and remarkable. Your first wedding anniversary will always hold a special place in your heart. something you will cherish and remember forever. Carnations are the flowers chosen for the first anniversary. Carnations come in a variety of colors, including red, pink, yellow, and white, and they look lovely in all of these hues. Additionally, flower delivery in Aiken SC. With pink carnations, hot pink mini carnations, white roses, and some filler greens, you can make a bouquet of these flowers.

2nd Anniversary: Cosmos

You might choose to use this flower, which has been earmarked for the second anniversary, to celebrate the occasion. Cosmos is a little flowering plant that resembles a daisy and comes in red, orange, light pink, and purple varieties. These alone can be used to construct a bouquet that appears to have been hand-picked from a garden. Alternatively, you may purchase a bouquet of often used fresh-cut flowers and add cosmos to it for a splash of color. You may send this as a wonderful Congratulations Flower to join in the celebrations. The cosmos represents harmony and order, just like other widely recognised flowers.

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3rd Anniversary: Sunflower

Sunflower - You would need a bunch of yellow sunflowers as you approached your third wedding anniversary. These are a good choice because sunflowers are striking and look beautiful on their own. With these flowers, you may make a bouquet. You'll need red roses, purple chrysanthemums, white daisies, red carnations, peach and yellow roses, as well as filler greens. Arrange these flowers in unique vases for an added touch. Sunflowers stand for devotion, fidelity, vigor, intelligence, and warmth. These are said to symbolise the sun, and that makes sense given that their sunny yellow color is both energising and warming. The flower shop in Aiken SC sells a bundle of fresh sunflowers. For a stunning appearance, be sure to add some contrasting color to your sunflower bouquet.

4th Anniversary: Geranium

These blooms appear like tiny clusters of colors and grow in the cutest bunches. These flowers are available in a wide range of hues, including peach, pink and red tones, orange, and everything in between. There are more than 400 species and subtypes of this flower. These flowers can be used for your bouquet in a grouping between other blossoms. This will go well with any floral arrangement available. Geraniums stand for happiness, health, well-wishes, and friendship.

5th Anniversary: Daisy

A celebration is undoubtedly necessary when you reach five years. Get these gorgeous anniversary flowers from Aiken florist. A bouquet of daisies can be made to look like a summertime daisy. In a sweet bouquet, these yellow and white flowers appear lovely. There are many different sorts of daisies, and they look excellent both on their own and in other bouquets as filler flowers. In general, daisies represent new beginnings.

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